Personnel / Bioéconomie et gouvernance
Varela, Elsa

PhD in Sustainable forest management, University of Valladolid

Forestry Engineer, Polytechnic University of Madrid

Master in Agroecology, University of Cordoba

She has worked for CSIC, IRTA and CREDA

Her main research lines focus on the social sustainability of forest and agrarian systems:

·         Economic valuation of ecosystem services and environmental externalities

·         Analysis of citizens’ attitudes, values and behaviour towards forest and agrarian systems

·         Design and implementation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES)

·         Assessment of livelihood and adaptation strategies pursued by smallholders in face of global change

·         Assessment of objectives, attitudes and behaviour of forest owners and farmers

·         Assessment of consumer behaviour

·         Selection and assessment of social sustainability indicators (S-LCA)

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